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Why CSI?

Construction Services understands that construction is a cost and an inconvenience to our customers, our goal is to provide the best experience possible to complete a harmonious project.

Your Local Contractor

CSI believes that our involvement in the local community, our business relationships and our
employees are the reasons for our success. CSI supports the local business community by
involving local sub-contractors and suppliers in the communities that we work in. In addition, we
support our local non-profits such as Bethesda, Wesbury, and many animal rescue facilities.

CSI’s investment in our community improves the local economy. Many studies have shown that when you spend your dollars locally there is a much greater impact.

CSI was founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. We value the trust and confidence
that has been earned from our employees, clients and shareholders. We remain steadfast in adhering to our commitments, displaying honesty and integrity in reaching our company goals and treating employees and clients with respect.


"Bethesda Lutheran Services has worked with Construction Services of Pennsylvania, LLC on many projects ranging from the framing of a more than 17,000 square foot addition to our education center, the construction of a 960 square foot pavilion, the remodeling of the 1600 square foot old cafeteria into a reception area and the reconfiguration of our entry foyer. The scope of the work included interior finishes, electrical and code upgrades, and exterior work. The crew from Construction Services of Pennsylvania, LLC was always courteous, professional and especially aware of the distinct clientele we serve and the many rules that contractors on our campus must follow. Working with Construction Services of Pennsylvania, LLC was a great experience and I look forward to working with them in the future."

George R. Trauner

Executive Director / Bethesda Lutheran Services

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